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What Can Archiving & Records Management Do for You?


Every time you create work, fundraise, write a grant application, receive a grant, produce a poster, publicize your event, collaborate with others, record your performance, pay a technician, teach a class, and any number of elements needed to make your work, you generate tons of records whether on your computer, in a notebook, on your smart phone, or stored in a box. These pieces make up the whole of your work, your legacy, and your voice to funders, audience members, and the press. Archival practices:

  • Keep your digital records accessible as technology changes
  • Keep your materials safe and secure for future and present use
  • Support grant and other funding options
  • Help facilitate future artistic works
  • Secure your legacy
  • Create materials for future publicity


Your organization generates and collects volumes of records in the course of creating, producing, and publicizing productions, events, and services. Establishing an A&R program improves your current administrative and artistic activities by maximizing existing resources and putting your legacy to work for the future. Milestones are also a great time to utilize your archives and records whether creating an exhibit as part of an event or a self-published book commemorating your past. NWPAA’s exhibit and book publishing services can help bring your legacy alive.

Whether your organization is focused on artistic creation, education, or outreach, A&R can strengthen and improve community connections, organizational development, funding, institutional collaborations, and legacy. Whether theatre, dance, multimedia, sound, or other time-based arts, an archive and active records management programs can help your organization: