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As part of its commitment to the Pacific Northwest community, NWPAA works to increase awareness of the past and support future development in the arts by leading onsite hands-on presentations and classes for schools and arts and cultural heritage programs. 

Archiving the Arts, Sustaining the Arts

Introductory group workshops for artists and arts organizations are in development to be offered free or at a minimal fee through organizations such as RACC, OCT, and NWA. NWPAA may also independently offer free or low-cost workshops and information sessions.

Sharing the Arts to Support New Art

NWPAA is developing hands-on trunk shows for onsite workshops, classes, and projects with schools and other youth programs that utilize collections under the care of NWPAA in order to expands students’ engagement and support their inquisitive endeavors.

NWPAA hopes to also offer grants or in-kind services to those artists who use the NWPAA archive collection as part of a performance art project.

Building NWPAA

Here are just a few things NWPAA hopes to accomplish and ideas that will get us there:

Work with a local records storage company such as local RM-certified Rose City Archives or Iron Mountain to hold collections securely and up to records management and archival standards until funding is secured for NWPAA to sustain its own repository site

Offer workshops for artists and performing arts organizations through cultural organizations such as the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC), Oregon Cultural Trust, Portland Emerging Arts Leaders (PEAL), Hillsboro Cultural Council, Beaverton Arts Council, Idaho Commission of the Arts, Boise Department of Arts & History, Washington State Arts Commission, Missoula Cultural Council, and Montana Arts Council

Make connection with arts and heritage enrichment programs such as Portland’s Right Brain Initiative to share archival collections with local youth

Create partnerships with local academic institutional such as Oregon State University’s Oregon Multicultural Archives in the assistance of processing collections as well as collegiate theater, dance and performing arts departments to support internal collections

Draw on O’Brien’s experience within Portland’s professional dance community to work with organizations such as Conduit Dance Studio & Theater, White Bird, NW Dance Project, and Performance Arts NW to create cooperative collection solutions for smaller organizations with similar collections that may not have adequate funding on their own

Work with the OHS Film Preservation department to support collection transfers as available

Become a member of the Northwest Archive Database, thereby creating online finding aids for NWPAA collections as well as offering collection engagement for NWPAA-serviced organizations

Use CONTENTdm for both its own collections and NWPAA-serviced organizations to manage digital collections and create online exhibits either through a client’s own website or through NWPAA’s website

Work with organizations focused on performing arts preservation such as American Theatre Archives Project (ATAP), Dance Heritage Coalition, and Society of American Archivists Performing Arts Roundtable, to sustain and support best practices in the field

Work with PSU’s archival masters internship program and undergraduate honors internship program to facilitate additional volunteer support, offering professional experience through hands-on experience

Offer a stipend grant to performance artists who use the NWPAA archives to create present work