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Wouldn’t it be great to know that your performance videos will be viewable for years to come, or your programs and notes will not be rotting in a box, or donor and patrons’ appreciations won't be lost? Together, these create a vivid picture of the past that can help shape and strengthen your future. NWPAA can make sure your materials are protected and easily accessible to support development, funding, and future artistic and institutional endeavors. For more information see What Archives & Records Management can do for you?

NWPAA offers onsite records and archives consultation to artists and arts organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. NWPAA can also assist with developing and implementing ongoing records management for active institutional records to support organizations’ needs while maintaining regulation compliance and strengthening institutional functions. Project and retainer fees are available. 

NWPAA’s Archive Assessment is a necessary first step that identifies and documents your collection’s scope, conditions, and needs. This is necessary to establish a sustainable plan, determine supportive funding if possible, and define collection arrangement and access options. A Records Management Assessment defines a sustainable system based on an organization’s unique scope, use, and access of records. Some questions asked during the assessment:

  1. What materials do you have and in what format?
  2. How are your materials created and maintained?
  3. Where and how are the materials stored?
  4. Is the preservation of any materials immediately threatened?
  5. What are your general records management practices?
  6. How are the legal and regulatory concerns of your material managed?
  7. What environmental factors affect the materials?
  8. What are your short-term goals for the archives?
  9. What are your long-term goals for the archives?

American Theatre Archive Project. Preserving Theatrical Legacy: An Archiving Manual for Theatre Companies Version 1.0, August 2013.

Beyond assessment, NWPAA offers:

Ø  Appraisal

Ø  Arrangement

Ø  Accession

Ø  Digital Exhibits

Ø  Digitization

Ø  Donor Deed of Gift & Receipt

Ø  Cataloging

Ø  Finding Aids

Ø  Inventory Assessment

Ø  Policies & Procedures

Ø  Processing

Ø  Record Retention Schedule

Ø  Staff & Volunteer Training

Ø  Storage Preparation


Performing artists and art organizations who take advantage of NWPAA Consulting have the opportunity to:

  • Offer records and archival materials for accession into the NWPAA Repository, with possible inclusion as an accessible digital collection on the NWPAA website
  • Store materials at the repository without donating them to the NWPAA Repository
  • Donate materials to the NWPAA archive collections